People love to view webcams of Phuket! They keep coming back to your website over and over again to “see whats happening” now…. they watch the sunrise, they watch the sunset, they check the weather, they check the water conditions, they see whats happening on the beach, you get the picture!

Hosting a webcam at your location to share your live view with the world brings big benefits.

1: Visitors on your website will remember your website and keep coming back!

2: Webcams create “BUZZ” … People will talk about and share your webcam on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

3: Webcams improve your search engine ranking.

4: Webcams create lots of “incoming links” to your site.

5: Webcams boost traffic to your website.

6: Daily Time-Lapse videos ( with your logos and links ) are uploaded daily to YouTube.

Smart companies already use webcams right here in Phuket:

Twin Palms

Patong Tower

Phuket Cable Ski

Catch Beach Club

Royal Phuket Marina

Marina Phuket Resort

We will request your webcam be featured on these Popular Phuket Sites:

Your cam featured on these International Webcam Sites:

Your webcam is viewable on:

Windows and Apple Desktops, Ipads, Iphones, Androids, newer flat screen tv’s.

Daily Time Lapse Videos Uploaded to YouTube

Everyday we compile a time-lapse video and upload it to YouTube. The video has your logo embedded into it and your links and business info are in the video description. These are great for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. They even have a random soundtrack! If you look at our YouTube channel you’ll see that each video gets attention… some videos get just 10 or 15 views and others get hundreds. 365 days a year these videos are working to keep your business fresh in peoples minds and driving visitors to your site!

SEO Benefits of Hosting a Webcam

Webcams generate inbound one-way links to your site. These links augment your existing seo efforts. In addition to the seo value they provide your site additional visitors and product exposure. Three types of sites provide these inbound links:

1: Local online guides, directories and blogs.

2: Regional online guides, forums, and tourism portals.

3: International webcam directories.

A Local Example

As local evidence of webcam seo benefits please consider the Twin Palms Boutique Hotel which has a webcam overlooking their beach club. Yahoo shows that has over 7,000 backlinks. Source:

Twin Palm’s sister website has over 4000 backlinks. Source:

Included in the setup fee is submission of your site to 50 international and regional webcam directories. Most will give a one way link to your website homepage using the keywords of your choosing. A quick search on Google for “Phuket Webcams” turns up hundreds of sites that link to webcams in Phuket.

Social Networking Benefits

Having a webcam on your site results in more visitors “sharing” and “tweeting” about your business and offerings. SEO experts claim that Google is using social metrics to help rank websites. Included in the setup charge is a custom built Facebook “Tab” for your Facebook page. You can show the live cam inside of your Facebook page on it’s own tab. This can be setup as a “Reveal” tab so that only visitors who “Like” your page can view the webcam. An excellent way to gain more “Likes.”

Other Benefits

A webcam will help to differentiate your product from the competition and you will see an improvement in bouce rate, time on site, page views per visitor, and your New vs Returning Visitors ratio. Our cams don’t require java or flash so they are viewable on all mobile phones, iphones, ipads, macs, and pc’s.

Webcam Pricing

Setup Rate: 10,000 Baht: ( we retain ownership of the camera )

Includes installation of cam, Facebook Tab Setup, Integration into website, and submission to 50 webcam guides/directories.

Monthly Rate: 2,000 Baht ( 3 month minimum ):

Covers any maintenance visits, camera software upgrades, ongoing development of planned value added services such as: Automated daily time-lapse creation, Ipad and Iphone applications, image archiving, social sharing, etc. Ongoing submission of your camera to new cam sites, guides, etc. Please note that the going rate for a hotel related click from Google’s AdWords is more than 30 Baht. So less that 100 visitors from a pay per click campaign on Google would cost 2000 Baht. That is only 3 visitors per day! The webcam will generate many more visitors and help to drive down the cost of customer acquisition.

Timetable: 10 days

Cam installed, embedded on on website, embedded in Facebook Reveal Tab, submitted to 50 webcam sites.

Technical Details

The webcam image is displayed on YOUR domain/website via an “iframe.” For maximum effect it is recommended the webcam be embedded on the homepage or linked to from the homepage. I provide your webmaster with the details needed.

Cam installation requirements

The camera is in a small weather resistant enclosure and requires a WiFi connection plus a power plug within 50 meters.

All in All…

This is a fantastic deal combining positives from social networking, seo, and direct traffic benefits. Please contact us to get started: